Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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stream.h File Reference

Declaration of gmio_stream and utility functions. More...

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Data Structures

struct  gmio_stream
 Stream that can get input from an arbitrary data source or can write output to an arbitrary data sink. More...


typedef int64_or_long gmio_streamsize_t
 Type able to represent the size(in bytes) of a stream. More...
typedef int64_or_long gmio_streamoffset_t
 Type able to represent the offset position within a stream. More...


struct gmio_stream gmio_stream_null ()
 Returns a null stream. More...
struct gmio_stream gmio_stream_stdio (FILE *file)
 Returns a stream for standard FILE* (cookie will hold file) More...

Detailed Description

Declaration of gmio_stream and utility functions.

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