Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cgmio_memblockBasic memory block
 Cgmio_stl_infosInformations retrieved by gmio_stl_infos_get()
 Cgmio_stl_infos_get_optionsOptions of function gmio_stl_infos_get()
 Cgmio_stl_meshProvides an interface for accessing the underlying(hidden) user mesh
 Cgmio_stl_mesh_occmeshProvides access to all the triangles of OpenCascade's StlMesh_Mesh
 Cgmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvsProvides access to all the triangles of OpenCascade's MeshVS_DataSource
 Cgmio_stl_mesh_occshapeProvides access to all the internal triangles of OpenCascade's TopoDS_Shape
 Cgmio_stl_mesh_creatorProvides an interface for the creation of the underlying(hidden) user mesh
 Cgmio_stl_mesh_creator_infosInformations about the STL stream, used in gmio_stl_mesh_creator::func_begin_solid()
 Cgmio_stl_read_optionsOptions of function gmio_stl_read()
 Cgmio_stl_triangleSTL mesh triangle
 Cgmio_stl_write_optionsOptions of function gmio_stl_write()
 Cgmio_stlb_header80-byte data at the beginning of any STL binary file
 Cgmio_streamStream that can get input from an arbitrary data source or can write output to an arbitrary data sink
 Cgmio_streamposSpecifies a position within a stream
 Cgmio_task_ifaceDefines an interface through which a task can be controlled
 Cgmio_vec3dVector of three double coords
 Cgmio_vec3fVector of three float coords
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