Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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Public Member Functions
gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs Struct Reference

Provides access to all the triangles of OpenCascade's MeshVS_DataSource. More...

Inheritance diagram for gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs:

Public Member Functions

 gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs ()
 gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs (const MeshVS_DataSource *ds)
 gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs (const Handle_MeshVS_DataSource &hnd)
const MeshVS_DataSource * data_src () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Data Fields inherited from gmio_stl_mesh
const void * cookie
 Opaque pointer on the user mesh, passed as first argument to hook functions. More...
uint32_t triangle_count
 Number of triangles in the mesh. More...
void(* func_get_triangle )(const void *cookie, uint32_t tri_id, struct gmio_stl_triangle *triangle)
 Pointer on a function that stores the mesh triangle of index tri_id into triangle. More...

Detailed Description

Provides access to all the triangles of OpenCascade's MeshVS_DataSource.

gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs iterates efficiently over the elements of a MeshVS_DataSource object.
Each element should be of type MeshVS_ET_Face and made of 3 nodes.

Example of use:

Handle_MeshVS_Mesh occmeshvs = ...;
const gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs mesh(occmeshvs);
gmio_stl_write_file(stl_format, filepath, &mesh, &options);

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs::gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs ( )
gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs::gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs ( const MeshVS_DataSource *  ds)
gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs::gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs ( const Handle_MeshVS_DataSource &  hnd)

Member Function Documentation

const MeshVS_DataSource* gmio_stl_mesh_occmeshvs::data_src ( ) const

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