Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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stl_infos.h File Reference

Retrieval of STL infos from input stream. More...

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Data Structures

struct  gmio_stl_infos
 Informations retrieved by gmio_stl_infos_get() More...
struct  gmio_stl_infos_get_options
 Options of function gmio_stl_infos_get() More...


enum  gmio_stl_info_flag
 Flags(OR-combinations) for each STL info. More...


int gmio_stl_infos_get (struct gmio_stl_infos *infos, struct gmio_stream *stream, unsigned flags, const struct gmio_stl_infos_get_options *options)
 Finds informations about STL contents. More...
gmio_streamsize_t gmio_stla_infos_get_streamsize (struct gmio_stream *stream, struct gmio_memblock *stream_memblock)
 Returns the size(in bytes) of the next STL ascii solid in stream. More...

Detailed Description

Retrieval of STL infos from input stream.

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