Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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gmio_stl Directory Reference


file  stl_constants.h [code]
 STL constants.
file  stl_error.h [code]
 List of errors specific to STL I/O functions.
file  stl_format.h [code]
 Detection of STL format from input stream.
file  stl_global.h [code]
 Global declarations for the STL module.
file  stl_infos.h [code]
 Retrieval of STL infos from input stream.
file  stl_io.h [code]
 STL read/write functions.
file  stl_io_options.h [code]
 Options for STL read/write functions.
file  stl_mesh.h [code]
 Declaration of gmio_stl_mesh.
file  stl_mesh_creator.h [code]
 Declaration of gmio_stl_mesh_creator.
file  stl_triangle.h [code]
 Declaration of gmio_stl_triangle.
file  stlb_header.h [code]
 Declaration of gmio_stlb_header.
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