Fast, portable C library for geometry input/output
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 endian.hArchitecture endianness
 error.hList of common errors, reported by I/O functions
 global.hFundamental global declarations, included by almost all other header/source files
 memblock.hDeclaration of gmio_memblock and utility functions
 stream.hDeclaration of gmio_stream and utility functions
 streampos.hDeclaration of gmio_streampos and utility functions
 task_iface.hDeclaration of gmio_task_iface
 text_format.hFormats for textual representation
 vecgeom.hCartesian vectors
 stl_constants.hSTL constants
 stl_error.hList of errors specific to STL I/O functions
 stl_format.hDetection of STL format from input stream
 stl_global.hGlobal declarations for the STL module
 stl_infos.hRetrieval of STL infos from input stream
 stl_io.hSTL read/write functions
 stl_io_options.hOptions for STL read/write functions
 stl_mesh.hDeclaration of gmio_stl_mesh
 stl_mesh_creator.hDeclaration of gmio_stl_mesh_creator
 stl_triangle.hDeclaration of gmio_stl_triangle
 stlb_header.hDeclaration of gmio_stlb_header
 stl_occ_brep.hSTL support of OpenCascade's TopoDS_Shape
 stl_occ_mesh.hSTL support of OpenCascade's StlMesh_Mesh
 stl_occ_meshvs.hSTL support of OpenCascade's MeshVS_DataSource
 stream_cpp.hSupport of standard C++ streams
 stream_qt.hSupport of Qt's QIODevice (requires at least Qt4)
 support_global.hGlobal declarations for the support module
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